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We have been working with Don on a series of messages that he delivers on camera. The crew has dubbed him “One-take Don”

“One-take Don”

Companies often hire celebrities as their spokespeople for marketing and advertising campaigns. After all, if a product or service is endorsed by a celebrity, then you should try it, right? There is data to support this (expensive) creative strategy. However, current data indicates people are more apt to believe what a company’s owner says rather than a paid spokesperson. This is especially true when the owner is personable, passionate, and sincere. It helps when the owner is as comfortable in front of a camera as he is having a friendly conversation at home. Today, authenticity is in. Let me introduce you to Don Valentine, Owner and President of John Moore Services — the largest home services company in the Greater Houston Area. 

Providing products and services that exceed people’s needs has always come first for Don. This character trait is woven into his DNA. Yes, it is a character trait. One that is easily recognizable when he talks about how John Moore’s team treats everyone one of their customers on every project. 

We have been working with Don on a series of messages that he delivers on camera. The crew has dubbed him “One-take Don” — admiring his ability to deliver a message in one take. It’s natural for him. It’s natural for anyone when the words spoken come from the heart. The series has been very successful, and it is a pleasure to work with Don and everyone at John Moore Services.