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Camp Ozark


Camp Ozark is one of the largest summer camps in the country. Located in Arkansas' Ouachita Mountains, 7,000 kids enjoy over 120 different camp activities. Camp Ozark is committed to providing a summer camp experience that positively impacts the lives of its campers.



Camp Ozark metrics show that nearly 100% of those who tour the camp register for camp. WWC redesigned the website with the goal of making it as much fun as the camp itself. Well, as close as possible.


A primary feature of the site is its interactive map that features VR-enabled virtual tours and includes tons of photos and videos that link directly to the interactive activity selection section of the site. Another industry-leading feature is the website’s unique online merchandise store and photo ordering system that utilizes facial recognition making it easy for parents to find photos of their camper. Both systems were designed to connect with Camp Ozark’s existing databases and accounting system.

The camper registration system was also completely redesigned by WWC to present a more intuitive experience for both the guest user and the Camp Ozark administrators.


Camp Ozark’s enrollment has increased year over year. The website has been featured on many popular website galleries and has been recognized by the industry with a Gold District Addy. A Silver Regional Addy.

Camp Ozark Web Design

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