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John Moore

"Don" Television Spots

Companies often hire celebrities as their spokespeople for marketing and advertising campaigns. After all, if a product or service is endorsed by a celebrity, then you should try it, right? There is data to support this (expensive) creative strategy. However, current data indicates people are more apt to believe what a company’s owner says rather than a paid spokesperson. This is especially true when the owner is personable, passionate, and sincere. It helps when the owner is as comfortable in front of a camera as he is having a friendly conversation at home. Today, authenticity is in. Meet Don Valentine, Owner and President of John Moore Services — the largest home services company in the Greater Houston Area. We have been working with Don on a series of messages that he delivers on camera. The crew has dubbed him “One-take Don” — admiring his ability to deliver a message in one take. It’s natural for him. It’s natural for anyone when the words spoken come from the heart.

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