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Ignore No More

The Ignore No More app allows “parent” devices to track and lock a “child” device. The app does not interfere with first responder calls, and it is virtually impossible to be removed by the kids. The phone locks up if an unauthorized person attempts to uninstall or kill the app. Parents also receive an e-mail notification if someone tampers with the app.


Develop a secure cross-platform solution that does not require Mobile Device Management (MDM) and does not violate Apple App Store or Google Plays developer agreement.


WWC achieved the goal of allowing the parent to lock a Child’s device remotely without needing Mobile Device Management. The app was released on Google Pay, Amazon, and Samsung Marketplace. The initial iOS version with the core functionality was approved in the app review but later removed after the app garnered much media attention. In version 2.0, the iOS app focused on geolocation and Apple Watch functionality.


Ignore No More received a ton of attention from the media. It was featured on NBC News, Good Morning America, Forbes, BBC World News, the Steve Harvey show, and more. The app reached #2 on Google Play’s Top New Paid Apps and #8 on Google Play’s Top Paid Apps. Eventually, Google Play also removed the app, and both Apple and Google changed their terms of service. Ignore No More was acquired, and Mountaineer Technology pivoted to the B2B sector.





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