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Houston Botanic Garden


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Houston, the Houston Botanic Garden (HBG) is a lush oasis showcasing an extensive array of plant life and ecosystems, complemented by 2.5 miles of scenic walking trails. HBG stands out not only for its botanical wonders but also for its dynamic array of activities, exhibits, and festivals, drawing visitors from all walks of life. To mirror the garden's rich diversity and vibrancy online, HBG partnered with WWC to cultivate a digital space that truly reflects its essence.



Our collaboration led to the development of a website as lively and multifaceted as the garden itself.


We planted the seeds for success with several key features:

  • Dynamic Event Management: Integration with Tessitura brings a seamless event management and ticket sales experience, allowing visitors to easily plan their visits and purchase tickets to the garden’s numerous events and festivals.
  • Intuitive Content Management System (CMS): A user-friendly CMS empowers the HBG team to keep the website as fresh as their blooms. Updating content, adding events, and posting news has never been simpler.
  • Interactive Garden Map: An immersive map guides visitors through the garden’s vast landscapes, offering a virtual tour of its trails, plant collections, and ecosystems from the comfort of their homes.
  • Captivating Event Landing Pages: Each event gets the spotlight it deserves with engaging landing pages designed to inform and attract attendees, enhancing their online experience and anticipation for the event.


Through this endeavor, WWC has helped HBG flourish online, creating a digital ecosystem where visitors can explore, engage, and embark on their botanical journey with just a few clicks. Our solution not only elevates HBG’s online presence but also enriches the visitor experience, ensuring the garden’s digital bloom is as captivating as its physical splendor.

Houston Botanic-Garden web design

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